Integration guide for

Create an account for StreamEngage
Step 1

Create An Account

You can quickly sign up using your information to create an account, We know you are busy, StreamEngage have made it easy: with a setup time of under 5 minutes!

Get Started
The view for the notification center
Step 2

Go To The Notification Center

You'll need to go to the notification center to integrate your software of choice. We currently support two different softwares. This is Streamlabs and OBS. If you're using Streamlabs simply press on the Connect button and follow the steps presented on the screen.

Take Me There
Widget URL for StreamEngage found on the dashboard
Step 3

Setting Up OBS

OBS will required a bit more work for set up. You'll need to copy the Widget URL presented on the Notification Center and then add it to OBS. You'll want to open OBS and then continue the next steps!

Get The Widget URL
Adding a browser source to OBS
Step 4

Add A Browser Source

On OBS, you'll click the + button under Sources. From here, you'll then click on the Browser option in the dropdown.

Properties for the browser option in OBS
Step 5

Paste The Widget URL

Inside the properties window for the Browser you'll enter in the Widget URL you copied earlier. You'll leave everything else to the defaults and press on OK.

Step 6

You're Finished

You successfully set up OBS! If you want to confirm it's working you can try sending a test notification through the StreamEngage dashboard.